Local Search Engine Optimization

Anybody that's done search engine optimization for any amount of time knows it's a complicated and ever-changing subject. Nurturing a steady stream of organic, unpaid traffic generated from search engine results is an important part of any business’s long term marketing mix. But as technology and the online landscape grows and search engine algorithms evolve, the most effective methods for expanding your reach online change over time. We at Local Digital decided to put together a quick guide to the current issues affecting organic search results for small and local businesses.

First, let's discuss for a minute the value of SEO to a local business. Here are few interesting figures:

Google tells us that 4 billion US desktop searches every month seek local search results

84% of shoppers use local searches to find products

75% of people searching for a nearby business visit that business within one day and 28% of those visitors make a purchase!

These numbers help explain why so many small businesses work hard to be sure they can be easily found when consumers are researching products and services online.

Key factors for small business SEO  

There are few main factors that need to be considered when developing your organic traffic.

  • Your website. A mobile friendly, well-structured, fast loading website is the central focus of your efforts. High quality, original content that’s relevant to your target audiences is key to growing your URL’s domain authority
  • Site Content. The content on your website can be the most powerful sales tool you have. Additionally, it must serve your SEO keyword strategy.
  • Content marketing. A high quality blog can provide important information to your clients, and help you target long-tail keywords that will drive a highly targeted audience to your website
  • On-page optimization. In order to make sure your website is as optimized as possible,  it’s important to make sure page titles and meta descriptions are completed.
  • Local SEO. Local businesses need to consider local SEO best practices.
  • Authority building. Links are still highly correlated with strong search engine results.
  • Credibility. Case studies, portfolios, reviews and testimonials help you clinch the deal.

How can a digital marketing agency help you? A full service agency can help you in a number of ways.


What keyword phrases are going to drive the most traffic to your website? Which should be targeted first? What are the most important directories for your industry? What blogs and publications would be advantages to guest blog on?

Web planning, design & programming

Effective search engine optimization requires that your website has well thought out text content, technical tools to help you manage your meta-data on the site, well structured URL’s, an XML site map, responsive mobile coding and more. An experienced team like Local Digital can help you with all of these things.

Site Content

Driven by keyword strategy in order to drive as much organic traffic as possible, our team of talented copywriters crafts original web content that helps you define your brand’s voice, engages site visitors and works to meet your company’s goals. Want to add high quality blog content to your site on a regular basis? We can help you create an effective editorial schedule and draft and publish articles.forms.

Testimonials & Reviews

Put a plan in place and deploy the tools to encourage and remind your customers to review your services and products on the most important review sites and social media platform.

Many of our clients have started their own SEO efforts and had some success. But maintaining a campaign over time is very time consuming and keeping on top of all the latest methods takes dedication. Want to wean yourself off of Google paid search ads? Think you could use some help? Get in touch!