A Classic Los Angeles Brand Closing Soon

The Local Digital team was sad to hear about the impending closure of Gladstone's restaurant, where Sunset Blvd. meets PCH. The restaurant, which originally opened in 1972 is currently on a short term lease that comes to an end in November of 2019. LA County, that owns the land, is talking to architect Frank Gehry about designing a new, larger venue that could be offered to the right operator for a 50 year lease. Apparently Wolfgang Puck has been approached.

While Gladstone's mediocre food and high prices left something to be desired, like tens of thousands of other Angelenos and out-of-towners have fond memories of sitting on the deck enjoying a margarita and cracking peanuts out of the shell, at one of the few beachside restaurants in Los Angeles county . Which raises the question we've often wondered: There is 75 miles of beachfront in Los Angeles county. Why aren't there be more beachside restaurants?!

Go experience this landmark one more time before it's too late.