Newsletter & E-mail Marketing

One of the most effective ways to keep in touch with your existing and prospective customers, is through well-thought out e-mail campaigns to keep your company and products on their minds during their shopping journey. Local Digital can help you plan, execute and track the effectiveness of your newsletter campaigns.



Local Digital uses the data you have about your users to break your mailing lists into strategic groups that can be targeted with distinct messaging that speaks to their needs. By segmenting your email efforts, you can deliver the most effective content to your customers and prospective customers possible and help convert them into recurring customers.


Need engaging, well written email content? Looking for an email template or great artwork imagery for your promotional emails? We can help you develop an email content strategy & promotional concepts to keep your audience interested and help you reach your business goals. 




How do you know if your email marketing campaigns are working? With the right tools, you can understand how many of your target audience is opening your mail, clicking through to your website and even making purchases. We can help you set goals and then track them, so the campaigns can be optimized over time.