Original Blog Content

Having an interesting, informative and fun blog on your website can be an integral part of your search engine optimization, brand building and engagement strategy. Local Digital can help you plan your publication schedule, write content, source images and then publish your stories. 


SEARCH ENGINE optimization

A blog can help your SEO efforts by providing a steady stream of original, high quality content for your website. This type of content, particularly when it's targeted and valuable to your target audience, can help your search engine rankings. Additionally, every new blog post is an opportunity to target new keyword phrases that you may be targeting in your optimization strategy. 


Your clients and prospective clients care about what you stand for as a company. One great way to develop a brand voice and talk about your values, experience and expertise, is to regularly blog about what's important to you and your customers. This informal type of communication provides shoppers important insights about your company, products, service and culture, while also providing an opportunity be fun, warm, wise, or irreverent.




An awesome blog story can get visitors excited about your brand, get them to comment, share and engage. Your blog is a chance to connect with your customers on the issues they care about most. If it's done right, your customers become your brand ambassadors.